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Man I feel like a woman...

Holiday Fling

Stunning Hayley Smith is never short of male attraction...whether she's at home or on the other side of the world in the UK episodes of Home And Away! Before leaving for the Old Dart, Hayley [ Rebecca Cartwright ] was in a romance with Aidan Bradley [ Ben Mortlet ] after dumping Noah Lawson [ Beau Brady ]and leaving him depressed and heartbroken.
While in London, Hayley proves that fate always deals in hands of three. She has a fling with another young stud! "His name is Robbie [ Rupert Evans ], and Hayley meets him in the hotel where she's staying", Rebecca reveals.
" He's attracted to her straightaway, but she sees him as someone to hang out with"." Robbie offers to show Hayley the sights, and since she has never been to London before she naturally says yes".
It's not long before Cupid's arrow strikes and Hayley and Robbie share a kiss." It's nothing too serious-more a case of going with the moment", Rebecca says." Hayley is enjoying Robbie's company and everything is going right, so she thinks why not? But there's not really any suggestion of it going any further, because she has to return to Australia".
Hayley and Robbie's holiday fling may be short-lived, but Rebecca believes it will have implications for her popular character." Having this little romance with Robbie helps Hayley to sort out her feelings for Noah once and for all", she explains about her character's developing storyline".'She makes a decision about whether she wants to get back with him or not".

I know the truth

Dani Sutherland and Gypsy Nash have never been close friends, but their feelings dissolve into hatred this week in Home And Away.
While her boyfriend Will Smith [ Zac Drayson ] is in the UK, Dani [ Tammin Sursok ] finds out he is the father of Gypsy Nash's [ Kimberley Cooper ] unborn child!" Dani is really concerned because Will isn't calling her from London", explains Tammin.
" She thinks back on all the events that have happened and puts two and two together. She goes to Gypsy and says,' I know he's the father'. But she doesn't know for sure-she's going out on a limb. Gypsy is surprised by Dani's claim and asks her how she knows.
" Dani replies,' The look on your face just told me'", Tammin says. " In the end, Gypsy is the one who confirms it". As Will discovered just before he left for London, Gypsy kept the truth from he and Dani in order to protect their relationship.However, angry Dani doesn't even begin to try to understand her motives.
" Dani can't see Gypsy's point of view at all", Tammin says." This is someone that has always been against Dani, and now she hates Gypsy even more".