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Are sweet...

The occasion:

Rebecca Cartwright's 18th birthday party held by big hit magazine.

The time:

7:30pm on Tuesday, July 24, 2001 [ the day after Bec's actual birthday on July 23 ].

The location:

Aspecial, roped-off VIP area upstairs at Sydney's trendy Hard Rock Cafe.

The guests:

Birthday girl Bec, Beau Brady [ in a suit...sigh! ], Michelle and Darrel Cartwright [ Bec's parents ], Shaun and Kristy [ brother and sister ], Home and Awayers Ryan Kwanten and Danny Raco, Bec's grandfather, new little baby cousin Tom and other close family members, school and dancing friends including upcoming popster Delta, Beau's mum Suzanne...and the gang from Big Hit!

The food:

The party guests had yummy Hard Rock food like chicken wings and nachos. After the speeches, they dove into a massive chocolate cake that Bec's mum brought along.

The music:

Lot's of cool '80's music straight from the Hard Rock jukebox including " Faith " by George Michael, " Material Girl " by Madoona and " When Doves Cry " by Prince.

The presents:

Lucky Bec got lots of pressies from all her family and friends! From her parents she got a cool one-of-a-kind watch, from Beau she got a beautiful gold and diamond ring and from the Big Hit team she got a funky Skipping Girl bag and purse,a copy of Kylie Minogue's book and a framed photo of Bec from when Big Hit took her to meet Kylie. When Bec got the framed photo she grabbed it and ran around the room to show everyone her favourite photo up close!

The real babe:

Bec got to meet her youngest cousin Tom for the first time at Big Hit's party. Little Tom was born while she was in the UK filming Home and Away so this was the first time she has ever seen him!

The star moment:

Bec's little cousins [ who are big Home and Away fans! ] getting autographs and photos with Danny Raco, Ryan Kwanten and Beau.

The wildest moment:

Bec's pals autographing her, ahem, chest! " I'm not shy ", giggled Bec. " I'll do anything ". Go girl!

The sweetest moment:

When Bec gave her speech, she managed to say about a sentence and then she looked at Beau [ who was standing about a metre away ] and said, " Come here. You're too far away!" Bless.


Tammin Sursok's 18th birthday party.


Friday August 24 [ her actual birthday is August 19 ], 2001.


Tank nightclub in Sydney.

The Dress:

" Black or white. No shades of grey "

The Guests:

Tammin, Tammin's mum and dad, her boy Adam Riley, friends, family, Kimberley Cooper [ Gypsy ], Danny Raco [ Alex ], Susie Rugg [ Brodie ], Martin Dingle-Wall [ Flynn ], Ben Steel [ Jude ], Kylie Watson [ Shauna ], Zac Drayson [ Will ], Lyn Collingwood [ Colleen ], Rebecca Cartwright [ Hayley ], Beau Brady [ Noah ], Tamm's manager Stephen Harmon, Home and Away's publicist Victoria Supple, Santi, Carolyn and Scott from Big Hit.

The sweetest part:

When the Big Hit team gave Tammin her present [ a super-cool cushion, candle-holder and photo album ]she said, " Oh, Thank you! You didn't have to get me anything". Awww.

The coolest part:

Home and Awayer Beau was the DJ for the night and he had everyone [ including his gal Bec, birthday gal Tamm and all her friends ] up on the dance floor for hours and hours.

The cake part:

Kim Cooper got everyone to be quiet and called on Tammin to cut the cake. Everyone sang " Happy Birthday " and Tamm's dad gave a sweet little speech. Tamm then thanked everyone for coming and told them to get stuck into the cake-which was black and white just like the theme of the party!

Who was missing?

We almost thought that Bec and Beau were not coming but they had been held up and arrived a little late. Phew! When they arrived, Beau headed straight for his duty as the DJ and Bec, who hadn't eaten all day headed straight for the yummy chocolate cake-as did Beau a bit later on! As the party was held in a nightclub the under-18 members of the cast weren't allowed in the club. Sniffle! No Chris Egan, no Christie Hayes, no Kate Garven.

The oddest part:

Martin Dingle-Wall [ or Marty the Monster, as we like to call him ]entertaining us with his zipper pants that zip up along the outside of his leg...