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Love is in the air...

Home and Away fans rejoice- the wait is finally over! This week, Summer Bay's spunkiest teenagers end weeks of unresolved tension and kiss. Yes Dani Sutherland [ Tammin Sursok ] and Josh West [ Daniel Collopy ] are officially a couple. But if you think this romantic development happens quite naturally, think again!
" They've been sniffing around each other for weeks and it's reached a level where it's just frustrating", Daniel reveals. " They have both been waiting for the other person to make the first move, but it either hasn't happened or something has gone wrong. So after a series of failed dates they both decide that the moment has passed".
Rapidly losing patience Dani is the first to throw in the towel. When Josh leaves his jacket behind at her house, Dani decides to return it- and give him a piece of her mind at the same time. " Josh is working on Alf's [ Ray Meagher ] boat and Dani rocks up and says, ' You've had your chance- I don't want to see you anymore'", Daniel reveals. " She gives him his jacket and storms off but as she's walking away something goes wrong on the boat and Josh needs her help.
" So Dani goes back to help him and that's when Josh finally decides he's going to do something about the situation. And then it happens- they kiss!" Just as Josh and Dani are relieved, Daniel also expects audiences to share in their happy moment.
" Everyone in Summer Bay has been waiting for them to get together, just as viewers at home have too", Daniel says. " It was love at first sight for both of them and unfortunately it's just taken a bit of time for them to do something about it. But now that it's all on they're extraordinarily happy".
Well at least for now. Daniel is well aware that the course of true love never runs smoothly in soap land and expects Josh and Dani to have their fair share of ups and downs. " I'm sure there will be problems but I hope there's not too much splitting up and getting back together type stuff", he says. " I'd like to see them do the kinds of things that couples really do- enjoying each other's company, going camping, that kind of thing. They should probably steer clear of marriage and babies!"