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Are you alone?

Tammin Sursok and Rebecca Cartwright love to dress up, so they leapt at the chance to get into costume for TV Week's special Halloween photo shoot!
Surprisingly, there were no arguments between the beautiful Home and Away stars about who would be the bad witch. " I love being the bad witch", says Tammin, who plays Summer Bay's Dani Sutherland. " I'm never normally the princess sort of character, because my hair is too dark. If I was blonde, I would wear the puffy dresses. I think I'll leave that up to Rebecca!"
" I'm the good witch today", says Rebecca, who plays Hayley Smith. " This costume is so beautiful. I really do feel like a princess. And with these hearts on my cheeks, I feel like a little doll!"
With Halloween on Wednesday, October 31, the girls got in some practice by casting a few spells and brewing up some potions. Amid the carved pumpkins, fake snakes and a cauldron bubbling with magic, Tammin reveals the best thing about Halloween-trick-or-treating!
" I trick-or-treated when I was around 10 or 11", she says." It was great fun. Iwent with friends, and we would see how many lollies we could get." The people were pretty generous where I lived, so we would come away with a bucket full. Looking back at what I was like at that age, that would last me about four days at the most!"