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I want to be...

Not that we think Home & Away's Rebecca Cartwright would give up acting-especially since she gets to work alongside spunks like real life love Beau Brady all day-but if she did, she's already in the perfect training ground for her dream job as a make-up artist for film and television.

"I'm always with different hair and make-up artists when we're filming or doing photo shoots and I'm always asking questions. I've picked up some great tips along the way but there's still a lot to learn. Sometimes I sit there and think,'oh, that's different, I like that' or 'you shouldn't be doing it that way".

The 17-year-old first discovered make-up when she began performing in dance eisteddfods, and it's become part of her life ever since."I started performing when I was four, and I discovered make-up when I was five. Make-up was part of the exciting stuff. I used to experiment on myself, but I wasn't very good. My mum had to help me out a lot".

These days, Rebecca has her older sister to practise on."She's 21 and she likes me playing and experimenting on her. She trusts me! Because we wear so much make-up for the show, I don't wear make-up during the day, only when I'm out at night for something special like a party. I try to avoid looking like my character in the show, Hayley. She wears a lot of glitter, so I tend not to, besides it's messy. I like to be creative, but not too creative in case it doesn't work out at the last minute and there's no time to start over!"