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Which site should win???

These sites are up for awards in the following catergories:

The sites below are the winners for the last site awards December 2001, these awards won for best over all-voted by visitors, congrads to all.

Best Home and Away Female Site...

Best Home and Away Male Site...

Best Australian Home and Away Site...

Best European Home and Away Site...

These sites have won my latest awards, the awards were run until the 31st July 2001 congradulations to each site, please visit these cool sites...

Best Rebecca Cartwright Site...

Best Tammin Sursok Site...

Best Home and Away Actors Site...

Best Home and Away Site...

Sample of award

These are the winning sites,congrads to each winner go and have alook why the voters picked these's [polls ended on june 30/2001].

Most Original...

Best Info...

Most Popular Female...

Most Popular Male...

Best Site...

Open only to sites that are built about Home and Away or actors [characters] from the show.