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Of a young actress...

Rebounding from one relationship to another is not a good idea, but that's what Hayley Smith does this week in Home and Away. Hot on the heels of her break-up with Noah Lawson [ Beau Brady ], Hayley [Rebecca Cartwright ] falls for a good looking Summer Bay newcomer. Aidan Bradley [ Ben Mortley ] is the older brother of Shauna [Kylie Watson ] and everything Noah is not- mature, responsible and reliable. The fact that he's years older than Hayley adds to the excitement!
" Hayley and Aidan hit it off as soon as they meet", Rebecca says. " Even though she's not really on the lookout for a relationship, she's attracted to him straightaway. " Aidan seems like a nice guy- and after what she's been through with Noah he's like a breath of fresh air to her".

Aidan takes the initiative and asks Hayley out on a date. " She gets all dressed up and they have a really good time", Rebecca says. " At the end of the night, Aidan drops her home and they kiss. " Her guardian Irene Roberts [ Lynne McGranger ] walks in on it, and she's not too happy. After Aidan has gone, Irene tells Hayley that he's too old for her. But Hayley doesn't care about that".
Meanwhile, Aidan is copping a serve from Shauna. He also has some baggage- a broken engagement, to be precise! " Hayley and Aidan have been through troubled times lately, but it doesn't seem to bother either of them", Rebecca says. On top of Shauna and Irene, another Summer Bay resident is unlikely to be jumping for joy about the budding romance. Noah still holds a torch for Hayley and hopes to get back together with her. In other words, get set for fireworks in Summer Bay! " Noah doesn't know about Aidan yet, but he won't be too happy when he finds out", Rebecca believes. " Hayley doesn't want to hurt him, but she has to get on with her life".

Hey Tammin! Are you enjoying your holidays?

I'm having an awesome holiday!

What are your plans over Summer?

To relax and to sleep. I'm also going away for two weeks to soak up the sun, swim and read a lot of books!

Do you have a favourite holiday memory?

I went with my family to Europe last year. Italy was incredible! I'll never forget looking over Sorrento Bay. It was magical. I'll never forget it!

Do you have a favourite Home and Away moment of 2000?

The best moments are when we're all filming at Palm Beach and we break to have lunch overlooking the water. That's when I'm having the best time.

Have you had any embarrassing moments during filming?

I'm lucky to say my most embarrassing moments have only been silly things like forgetting my words or muddling them up. That's not too bad!

On the show, your character and Zac Drayson's date. Would you go out with him in real life?

Hahaha! I could never go out with Zac! He's like a brother! Besides, you're just looking for trouble if you go out with someone you work with. It becomes too hard to draw the line between your work and your personal life.

Is it hard to act all lovey-dovey with Zac?

No, Zac has made things really easy for me. It would be difficult to act in love with someone if you didn't get along, but we are such good friends that it works well.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yeah, I do. His name is Jarred and he's my hairdresser. Well, that is how we met. I went to get my hair done and it just started from there! When I started seeing him he didn't know I worked on Home and Away. I've taken him to some cool movie premieres and a couple of parties, which is fun.

Are you used to the fame thing?

It's odd to have people come up and say,"Hey! I want to shake your hand!" I think, " OK, but it's just me!" It's weird that I'm meant to be this big person everybody wants to meet. I'm getting used to being recognised so now it's just becoming a part of my life.

Do you get recognised each time you leave the house?

It depends. I feel that every time I go out I am being noticed, but it might be just a look that says, " That girl looks familiar". Otherwise I might have a whole group of kids come up to me.

Have you had any weird fan experiences yet?

I was in Adelaide doing an appearance and while I was walking around, I had these four guys following me to see where I was going. That was a bit weird, but you just have to keep faith.

Do your school friends treat you differently?

My friends are absolute Home and Away fans, so they want me to tell them the storylines. But they still treat me the same. They sometimes say, " Tammin, why are you still talking to us?" But, I am still the same person. I'd never want fame to go to my head and if it ever did, I'd want to be told straight away.

What's the best thing about being on Home and Away?

Not having to go to school anymore! I am finishing year 11 and 12 with a tutor. Home and Away has become like my school and the people I work with have become my friends.

Are you similar to your character Dani Sutherland?

I am like Dani in some ways, in that she's a teenager and she doesn't mind what people think of her! But then again she can make a big deal out of things and blow them way of proportion. I don't think I am like that!

Can you tell TV HITS a secret?

Well, I have a scar on my forehead that I got when I was three years old. I slammed my fingers in a door and when my mum quickly pulled the door open, it flung out and smacked me in the head! I fell to the ground and had blood pouring out everywhere. You can see it, if you look, but no one really notices it.

Is it true you'd like to release an album?

I owuld like to get into the music industry, but at the moment I'm just trying to focus on Home and Away. I am into music with a really funky beat, like Pink and Madonna. I'd sing music that people could dance to. I wouldn't be getting into the high note ballads, not yet anyway!