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What's Been Said!

Name: Stephen Rodney OKeeffe

From: Nambucca Heads, NSW

Comment: Your website is fully the hottest, I love it fully rocks.

Name: Buffy

From: Australia- NSW

Comment: I think this site is fantastic. I think you guys are both great actors and I really wish you guys luck in da future. love ya;]

Name: H & A FAN

From: New Zealand

Comment: Hey ya girls, This is a very very cool website and it is one of my favourite! Well done, keep up the good work...P.S- I am fan of Home and Away...

Name: Rachel Hawkins

From: Gosford Australia

Comment: I think that Rebecca and Tammin are both great actresses and this website rocks. I wish them both good luck in the future.

Name: Naomi

From: Australia

Comment: This is the best site I've ever seen good job

Name: Catlin Lewis

From: aussie gurl

Comment: What a great site, I think the girls are so talented, I watch them all the time and would really like to meet them both. luv catlin xxxx

Name: Ashley

From: Brisbane,QLD

Comment: I think this site really rocks,it's got to be one of the best around, I think both girls are really beautiful.

Name: Peta-anne Glover

From: QLD Australia Ayr

Comment: I love this cool site I love it. I mean I love Home and Away very much. My dream one day is to meet every body off Home and Away. This site is the best ever.

Name: Michelle

Comment: I think this is a great website and I reckon Tammin is the best!!!

Name: Chelsea Sanders

From: Kaniva Vic

Comment: I love this site. It is so cool. You two girls rock

Name: Kristy Miles

From: Sydney Australia

Comment: This site rocks keep up the good efforts love always Kristy =]=P BYEBYE

Name: Faith

From: Glenbrooke

Comment: Hi guy, I think you have one wonderful site here, the girls are both so gorgeous and I wish I was on Home and Away too. Keep up the great work. Faith xx

Name: Emily

From: Kellyville

Comment: What a fab site, I think it's excellent and I think the girls are great and are really beautiful. 9/10 luv Emily xxx

Name: Brooklynn Sursok


Comment: I think this site is amazing and it is really nice of you craig to make such a great site for my cousin Tammin. You can email her at:
Well I think Tammy would be really happy to see she has fans like you. Keep up the wonderful work. My sister Isabelle[ also tammys cuz ] did modelling with Tammin and she said that Tammin wishes to one day meet all her fans that got her where she is today so on behalf of my entire family thanks for jump starting Tammy's career.
Catch ya all latter -BROOKLYNN-

Name: Kellie

From: Ballarat,Australia

Comment: Hi guys, I think you are both beautiful and this is really a very kewl site,good work I like it alot. luv Kel xoxo

Name: Andrew

From: UK

Comment: Your site keeps getting better man! Keep up the great work!

Name: Sandra Thomson

From: Scotland

Comment: It's amazing Home Page, I wish I had an Home Page just like your one, You have put a lot of work in to it, well done. Good luck in the Future.



Comment:It's a very good site and Rebecca and Tammin both rock. Thanx for the fab site.

Name: Bec Cartwright

From:Aussie Babe

Comment: Hey dudes, thank you for the great site, I really like it. luv Bec



Comment:Good,I really like everything you've done, Rebecca and Tammin are really beautiful and I think they're great.Bre xoxox



Comment:Hi, I think your site is fab, the girls are really beautiful, I wish the show would hurry up and start again. Luv Nicky



Comment: I think Home and Away is tops, and I think your site is too. I think it's one of the best I've seen. 9/10 luv Chloe xxx

Name: Russell


Comment:Hello in Australia, I think you have a wonderful site and the girls are really beautiful, all the best.



Comment:Hey there, I think your site is so good, I really think you've put alot of thought into it, good stuff. vicky xx



Comment:Just surfing around looking at home and away sites, found your link, really good site, good work.


From:Oz girl

Comment:Yoh, I love your site, it's so mad, I think the girls deserve all their fame they're so beautiful and talented.

Name:Kristy Cartwright

From:Ausie Baby

Comment:Hey dudes I am just surfing the net and I found this groovy site of sis and tammin.
I would just like to say that she is really grateful for all ur love and support. Well take care. luv KRISTY



Comment:I think the site is great,it's good to see that you have picked the two prettiest girls from Home and Away to make a site.The show is big over here and they have a big following,All the best.


From:Palm Beach

Comment:Hello,I like your site it's set up really good with all the information and photos,like the photos on this site the girls are really beautiful in real life,I've seen them on the beach sometimes,I come over from another site that is linked to you.Jo xx


From:Castle Hill

Comment:Hi craig I like your site,I think everything on here is great,you have achieved a nice appealing looking site with very good information and photos,nice job.Tara xxx



Comment:Hi,I like what you have done on this site,the girls are stunning and deserve all the honours,they are very talented.You have alot of information on them,do you know them,I would like to meet them.Good site 10/10


From: Sydney

Comment:Cool site craig,you've done good,have you heard from Rebecca lately? I really like all the info you've added.GURLS RULE!!!



Comment:What acouple of hot aussie birds,great site and cool pictures,good info too,I'll be back again



Comment:Not a bad site,it has alot of nice photos and some interesting info on both girls.



Comment:How ya go'in just cruisin' and found this site,glad I did I think they're both hot.Have you met them I know I'd like too,cool site thumbs up.



Comment:My friend Jodie told me about this site so here I am,I like the stories and photos,I think they are so beautiful and talented and I always thought it was Tammin in Girlfriend.Bye from Lee xxx

If I like the comment I'll added to this page.

All the comments on this page are from guestbook.