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The formative years...

FULL NAME:Rebecca June Cartwright

BORN:23 July 1983, Australia
[Blacktown Hospital,Sydney]



HOBBIES:Dancing,Jazz,Tap,Ballet,Street Dancing,Swimming,Roller Skating,Horse Riding,Aerobics & Acrobatics.

PETS:3 Dogs-Abbey,Sonny & Gizmo,Horses-Denni & Rice Bubble

LIKES:Anything to do with Winnie the Pooh.

FOOD:Pizza-without the black & green stuff.

OTHER TV SHOWS:Police Rescue,Heartbreak High,Water Rats & Totally Wild.

AWARDS:Junior Student of the year for Australian College of Dance 1993/1995,Junior Drama student in 1995,Student of the year for Masque National institute for performing arts.
Her credits include entertainment for the Sydney Blues Baseball Team 1994/96 seasons and for Rugby League teams[Parramatta,Easts,Wests and Canterbury]she also performed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
She has also done catalogue work,voice-overs for many corporations and commericals[Kellogg's,Pizza-Hut,K.F.C,Colgate,Coca-Cola and Chrysler Jeep].

PERFORMANCES:Disneyland,California 1996/1997,opportunity to perform on stage with the Australian college entertainment.

When born Rebecca was to be named Johnathon if she was a boy but she turned out to be a beautiful little girl,her father wanted to name her Katie and her mother wanted Rebecca,they tossed a coin and she was named.
Rebecca is a very busy young lady who when not acting spends her time catching up with her many fans,her friends or doing engagements with blue light disco's,she also has her own website which is called Starstruck.

You can contact Rebecca at Channel Seven,mobbs lane,sydney,nsw 2121 australia.

or at

Click on link to watch clip of Bec ...

click here to download file

FULL NAME:Tammin Pamela Sursok[Born as Tammy]

BORN:19 August 1983

BIRTHPLACE:Johannesburg,South Africa.



HOBBIES:Other than acting she likes to sing and is learning how to play guitar and piano.


PETS:2 Dogs-Hunny & Smudge.

LIKES:Japanese Themes.

FOOD:Chamomile Tea, Chicken Nuggets with sweet and sour sauce.

TV SHOWS:Home and Away[Dani Sutherland].

Moved from South Africa to Australia at the age of four.
Before Home and Away she modelled for various teen girl magazines[Dolly and Girlfriend],she also promotes Girlfriend clothing for K-mart stores.
Appeared in an anti alcohol TV campaign.
Tammin worked really hard to get where she is today having studied drama at school and attending Trinity Speech and Drama College in England,she recieved high marks in her final exam.Tammin is currently doing her Year 12 studies by correspondence due to her Home and Away workload.Tammin's favourite subjects are Art,Drama,English and History.
Tammin was a gorgeous little girl who had bunches of curls and was chatty and talkative,she loved people and wanted to be around them all the time.Tammin was a natural performer the age of 3 as she put on shows for family and friends, also when she was 3 Tammin had her fingers jammed in a car-door, she ended up with a small scar on her forehead which resulted when her mum tried to open the door quickly and it flung out and hit her in the head.

You can contact Tammin at Channel Seven,mobbs lane,sydney,nsw 2121 australia or at:-

Click link to watch Tammin at logies...

click here to download file